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The Problems We Face & God's Truth / RANDY ALCORN WEB EXCLUSIVE

We see two big problems we're facing in the church today. One is biblical illiteracy - people don't know God's word as well as they used to.  There are so many other things that people spend their time on and that kind of contradicts the biblical world view. So, another major problem is that this makes us more vulnerable to false doctrine than ever before and we need God's truth to ground us and to guide us.

Jesus came full of grace and truth and there used to be a lot of truth dominated churches that didn't have enough grace. Now, we have a lot of grace dominated churches and grace is a wonderful thing, but there are a lot of people today who kind of have a cheap grace idea and don't say much at all about truth.

Psalm 26:3 says "For your love is ever before me and I walk continually in your truth" so God's truth is real, it's life giving, it's able to transform. Love is not the only attribute of God, God's truth and God's justice and God's holiness are also His attributes. So we need to not just redefine love on the fly which is what's happening in a lot of churches…we need to not define love in a way that we perceive, instead of the way God's Word reveals it to be; a love that is real and yet recognizes the reality of hell, and in love, tries to help people understand that the way to avoid hell is placing their faith in Jesus Christ as their only way to God.

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