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The Story Behind the Song - "Take Him To The Place"

Kentucky-born Aaron and Amanda Crabb appreciate the power of music. As worship leaders, they have seen how music can usher thousands into the presence if God. A song can have tremendous impact on a single heart or culture at large. With their new album, Mercy, the couple unleashes a powerful collection of songs that both entertain and inspire.

Yet as Aaron mentions, he was only able to start penning out his feelings on paper after going through his first trial. And truly, both Aaron and Amanda wrote out their hearts in worship to God, giving God all the glory as He brought them through all their trials.

"I always thought we were worshippers but until that moment I had no clue what a true heart of worship was..."

In 2009, their 2 year daughter, Eva, had fallen 15 feet from a second storey window of their babysitter's home. They prayed the whole way to the hospital and saw Eva covered in blood in the emergency room. A CT scan needed to be done, but Eva refused to stay still as she was in pain and confused.

Amanda did the only thing she knew how to do at that moment. "Eva, do you want us to sing to you?" And the little girl said, "Yes". They began to list several songs that she love, but she rejected all the suggestions until Amanda asked, "What about 'We Fall Down'?" That was Eva's favourite worship song, and it did the trick.

It was at that moment when both Aaron and Amanda learnt that all they could and should do at that moment, is to just raise their hands and worship onto God; that no matter what, God gets all the glory. Eva went from the most enraged moment into the most peaceful sleep. They took the CT scan and it came back clear. There were no broken bones, no internal injuries.

A buried trauma that became a song, a message and a testimony...

Amanda is a survivor of child sexual abuse. She grew up hiding that secret and in fear that people will find out. Her abuser threatened her and told her to keep it all to herself. Even after she married Aaron, she still kept her mouth shut, only to be tortured and tormented in her spirit and her soul.

Finally she screamed out to God, and told Him that if He doesn't do anything, she would walk away from the marriage because she would not be able to stand having Aaron walking out on her upon finding out the truth about her.

God answered her prayer almost immediately, in a way that she did not expect and it can only be God.

Needless to say, their marriage is saved, Amanda's fears are gone and now, they take their stories in their music - sharing about God's goodness and mercy wherever they go.

Listen to this amazing song. Bring God to the place of hurt and watch as He wash away all fears, all tears and make all things brand new.

You can purchase a copy of their CD, Mercy, at the Crossroads eStore.

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