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The Tools of Truth to Set You Free / WHOLEHEARTED MEN

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The tropical afternoon rains were thundering down onto the corrugated roof of our little rented rainforest cottage. Every day sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 the rains would come.  And oh, they would come.  Any outdoor activities would need to cease and we would scurry inside to hunker down for the afternoon until the rains stopped.

It was wonderfully relaxing.  No pressure to be outside. Nope.  We would simply chill as a family and enjoy our time together.  It was during these quiet and simple afternoons that the Lord helped me to understand some profound truths about getting free from the spiritual opposition that stalks us. 

Earlier in our holiday the Lord had used the Strangler Fig as a powerful metaphor to show me the strategy of the enemy to plant lies into our hearts that then slowly choke the life out of us if we do not take them captive with the Truth.

However, how do we get free from the lies that have been planted in our hearts over the course of decades of life? 

This is what the Lord showed me…

We have 5 tools of truth we need to utilize to get free from the lies of the enemy:

      1.     Repent

      2.     Renounce

      3.     Rebuke

      4.     Receive

      5.     Rejoice

1.We need to repent from believing the lies instead of the truth. 

Lies like: "I can't trust God", "I am all alone", "I have nothing to offer", etc.  We have chosen to believe the lies that the enemy has planted into our hearts in the midst of wounding.  We need to confess that and ask the Lord to forgive us and receive His grace.  We need to see repentance as a gift that enables us to start fresh.

2.  We need to renounce the agreements we made with those lies.  Basically we've agreed with what the enemy was saying.  We need to tear up those spiritual agreements - they are no longer valid; we don't believe them anymore.

3.  We need to rebuke the enemy and tell him to leave.  Scripture tells us to submit to God, then yell a loud "no" to the enemy and watch him scamper. 

4.  We receive the truth of God into our heart, His spoken Word and His written Word.  We need to begin to believe the Truth and not the lies of the enemy.

5.  We need to rejoice.  Rejoicing in the Truth of who we are in God, who He is to us and the freedom we have in Christ.

The Lord revealed these simple tools of truth to set us free from the lies of the enemy.  When you see a lie that has taken root in your heart walk through the 5 tools of truth to appropriate the freedom and life Jesus purchased for you.

Practice the 5 Tools of Truth to set and then keep yourself free. 

1 John 1:9 NIV

"If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

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