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Tim Neufeld Wins 2014 Juno for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album "Trees"

Tim Neufeld Wins 2014 Juno for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album 

About the album:

Trees have always fascinated me. My whole life I've stared up at them in wonder. As a child I was a literal tree-hugger, it was my thing, there are pictures in Neufeld family albums to prove it. As an adult I'm still in awe, but beyond the outward beauty I'm now so much more taken with the way that God uses the trees to speak to my heart. There have been so many lessons for me over the years in the quiet groves and the towering canopies. So many revealed truths of longevity and steadfastness. From Eden to the cross and throughout history there's something so constant and foundational about trees. They are, in a physical sense, what this collection of songs has been for me in a spiritual sense. My spiritual trees, the theological and emotional pillars of my life, are, and always have been, the worship songs of others. Songs that were planted in my heart and have grown their way into the very fabric of my life. It's my prayer that these "trees" will also speak to you. I invite you to climb them, sit in their branches, and be free. This is TREES.

Tim Neufeld performs "Heart Starts Beating" from the album Trees at the 2013 Covenant Awards:

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