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Transformation Happens when You Meet Jesus

Author Mary DeMuth had chosen 5 women from the gospels for her book, "The Day I Met Jesus" - all of whom had a transformation story after meeting Jesus.

As a young girl, Mary had always been full of fear - she was afraid that she would die, afraid of people chasing her. Being sexually molested when she was 5 years of age only helped fanned all her fears. Growing up, she was a scared little girl who has no idea what she is doing here on earth.

So she went onto the path of proving herself, seeking to do everything perfectly. Deep down, Mary was screaming, "Do you see me? Do you love me? Do you notice me?"

Mary's own transformation story comes after years of having a void in her heart. She gave her life to Jesus as a sophomore, praying "Would you be the Daddy that will never leave me?"

Her life was never the same again.

Jesus and Women

Writing this book about the 5 different women in the bible really opened Mary's eyes. Jesus dignified women in a way that was unheard of during His time. He spoke words of life over them and included them in everything.

While all the men were putting down the women, Jesus lifted them up.

He is the great liberator of women.

Mary wrote this book in hopes that people will be able to dig deeper into who the historical Jesus is - the irresistible Jesus who loves us dearly.

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