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Transformed by a Baby

There's a story told about Roaring Camp, the meanest, toughest mining town in all of the West. Murders and thievery were common in this terrible place, which was inhabited almost entirely by men. Oh, there was a young woman who passed through once, but unfortunately, she died there, while giving birth to a baby. And what did the men of the town do? As you can imagine, she quickly became "the talk of the town". And it's worth noting that it didn't take long for those burly brutes to embrace that helpless baby as their own. They put her into a box, laying her on top of some old rags. Immediately, however, they decided that didn't look right, so they sent one of the men 80 miles to buy a rosewood cradle. He brought it back, and they put the rags and the baby into the cradle. But, that still wasn't right. Those rags just didn't belong there. So they sent someone else to Sacramento, and he came back with a beautiful silk and lace blanket. They then put the baby, wrapped in the blanket, into the rosewood cradle.

It looked fine, until someone happened to notice how filthy the floor was. So, these tough and hardened men got down on their hands and knees and scrubbed that floor until it was clean. But, all that did was to make the walls, ceiling, and dirty windows without curtains look absolutely terrible. So they washed down the walls and ceiling, and put curtains in the windows. The place looked great! But then of course, there was the matter of peace and quiet. The men agreed that they simply had to give up fighting, because the baby slept a lot, and babies can't sleep during a brawl.

According to the story, the whole temperature of Roaring Camp seemed to go down. They began taking her out and setting her cradle by the entrance to the mine so all the men could see her when they came up. Then somebody noticed what a dirty place that was, and so at the mouth of the mine, they planted flowers, making a very nice garden. It looked quite beautiful. And as the men daily visited the pristine garden of the baby, they became aware of their own filthiness. Soon the general store was all sold out of soap and shaving gear and cologne. The baby changed everything.

And so it is with us. Jesus, that Baby born on the first Christmas day, has a way of changing everything. If we will let Him, He will enter our lives, slip into every crevice, and bring not only righteousness ... but a desire for righteousness. That is the whole purpose for that very first Christmas.

The divine plan of our loving and holy God. To help creation see its filth... and then provide a way for us to come clean. Do you need to be clean? Like the miners in the story, are you all-too-aware of your need for a good scrubbing? A good spiritual scrubbing. Won't you let the Baby of Christmas in? Accept the fresh start He offers. And then marvel at the amazing changes He will bring to not only your life - but to your living.

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I know you'll be glad you did!

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