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Understanding Hebraic Roots / UNDERSTANDING JESUS

It's always a pleasure to sit down with Joe Amaral. His book "Understanding Jesus" got his name out there and now there is a documentary to go alongside the incredible book. It is all about researching the Jewish side of the Christian faith.
The Biblical Jesus is different from what we 2000 years later think him to be.
The gospel according to Hollywood calls Jesus, Jesus but his original name is Yeshua.
Hollywood makes him out to be a blond haired blued eyed man with a British accent.
Seeing Jesus this way robs us of the Rabbi from the Galilee. Joe says he wants to help restore Jesus to his original culture.
The simplicity of Jesus life is key. The humanity of Jesus. He grew up in a home with a mom and a dad and brothers and sisters. He went to school, he played, he fell and scraped his knee, he had to eat hummus every day. We forget to think of him as an actual human being but that made him who he was.
Seeing the culture around him, seeing the different jobs, the shepherds, passing through the Galilee, seeing men fishing. He utilized the culture around him to be most effective to the people he is ministering to.
The importance in going to the synagogue. They didn't have personalized Bibles. You had to go to the synagogue to participate in the reading of the word of God. This was a part of Jesus life. The Torah scrolls were so large that it took a cart and an oxen to move them from place to place.  Understanding the way the scripture was read is so important.
If you misunderstand culture you will misunderstand a person.

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