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University Graduate Denied of a Job Due to Religious Beliefs

Bethany Paquette is a recent graduate from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada. Like all graduates, she started applying to various jobs hoping to begin the next chapter of her life. However, the response that she had received from one company was beyond her expectations, in a bad way.

Bethany applied for a position with Amaruk Wilderness Corp. that operates in Canada's North. It was an internship position for adventure guiding, mainly in Canada but it also includes other parts of the world. She loves working outdoors and Amaruk seems like an amazing company. It would be a great experience for Bethany as a fresh grad to build her experience with them.

Unfortunately, as Amaruk states, Bethany failed to meet the job requirements and she was rejected for the position. If the story had ended here, it would have been just another regular day of a fresh grad. But this is where the story turned ugly.

In the initial email that was sent to Bethany, (other than telling her that she did not get the job) it states that they do not want to have anything to do with her due to her religious beliefs and her alumni. The subsequent emails included attacks on her faith as well as some obscenities.

This led her to take legal action against Amaruk, filing a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal.

As Bethany states in the interview, she did not file the lawsuit for monetary gains. All she wants is an apology from the company and raise the awareness across Canada that companies should not discriminate people when sieving through job applications.

Guy Saffold, Special Assistant to the President at Trinity Western University, indicates that the school is very concerned about this case. This is a shocking case where the Christian faith is clearly under attack.

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