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Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

I remember the Christmas well. In my holiday exuberance, I planned so much for our family to do. Parties, outings - you name it - we were part of it or made it happen. Add to that my commitments as a pastor during a busy church season, and we were at our max. I remember being exhausted. I remember feeling as the season came to an end like I missed Christmas. I had filled it with so many things, yet I felt so empty.

When I think about families, all facing the same challenges and trying to create a Christmas with meaning, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Ann Voskamp had a book for families coming out for Christmas. Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, A Family Celebration of Christmas will be a special part of your family tradition. Based on her book, The Gift, this new book is a beautiful advent journey that leads to Jesus.

From the beautiful illustrations on each page, to the incredible way Ann has of telling stories, this book is a gift. The journey that it takes through the lineage of Jesus is so powerful and will help families make those significant connections, teaching how the birth of Jesus was anticipated all through the Old Testament. The discussion questions will encourage conversation and reflection and the fun activities (very easy!) will reinforce the message of each day and help children remember.

My favourite part of the book is the Jesse tree, which each family can create and add an ornament to each day to help weave together the story of Jesus. I love that by December 25th, the tree is decorated with beautiful symbols that tell the story of our Savior and his birth and why he is the greatest gift. All month long, unwrapping his story, the story that leads to the little baby in the manger.

Ann made a visit to our studio and shared with us some beautiful examples from her book. Take a look a look at the video and get inspired, as you get ready for the month ahead. As she explains in her book, the family tree of Jesus is also our family tree. His story is our story. Let's create within our family tree, a connection with our greater lineage, the greater story.

We can all get caught up in the Christmas rush. Take time this season to intentionally spend time every day remembering what Christmas is really about. After a beautiful month long journey, arrive on December 25th to Jesus and unwrap the greatest gift.

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