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Using Power to Empower

Bill Purvis has written "Make a Break for It" he is a pastor and a leader.

God has allowed Bill to be a pastor but he is reaching people in marketplace leadership, sports leadership, and many other areas.

Teaching on leadership has been a tool where he can use Biblically based techniques to reach a secular marketplace.

Bill says he never knew he had the gift of leadership. Someone introduced him to John Maxwell. His work made him feel like he had a place in the body. He puts leadership principles in transferrable concepts.

He grew himself as a leader through that and now God has given him influence in the world of leadership. It all started from mentoring 1 man and it grew from there.

Every month he teaches his staff. He teaches on issues he hears come up.

There is a problem today with amazing communicators and preachers who cannot seem to grow their churches. What is the key to doing so?

Bill says sometimes people learn all the techniques of communication but leadership is about making calls. It is about making tough calls sometimes. Sometimes you are a lone ranger. Then when people start seeing that the calls you made were the right calls it starts making a difference.

Bill says he has learned something when it comes to leadership,

"The purpose of power is to empower"

There are many discouraged leaders out there today. Bill suggests to these leaders that they need to not focus on their failure. What you focus on you feel. Focus on the promise and the vision you started with. Many people have failed a lot before they got where they wanted.

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