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We're in His Hands

"Is it possible that North American Christians are going to arrive in Heaven empty-handed and out of breath?"

It's no accident that this question appeared on my calendar page. I am undeniably accident prone! Most of my injuries and mishaps are related to my pace. "Haste makes waste" said the tortoise to the hare! The Lord's "ways and means committee" was very effective in slowing me down recently, in order to line up with His scheduled priorities. It's a story worth sharing...

My husband travels to Africa several times a year in his ministry work. Last year he purchased a used car in great condition that he is really enjoying, so I was being extra careful when I pulled into the garage and opened the door onto a well-placed piece of protective carpet. I forgot that the sharp concrete wall is the ready welcome when you open the back door! Crunch! The edge of that door was now missing some paint! The men at our dealership could help with a cover-up, I was sure. My plan was to take the car in before Richard's return in two weeks.

Time slipped away, and Richard called to say he was coming home two days early. On the very last day I was desperately trying to leave town for an overnight visit with girlfriends. Talk about a frazzled Friday! Have you ever had a day where you run into snags at every turn? Finally packing the car, I realized that one of my bags was missing. I must have left it at work! That would have to be the first of three stops before getting onto the highway. Grrrr! My escape plan had been so compromised, I was feeling a little frantic when I pulled onto a street overlooking Lake Ontario... and gasped! A giant hand across a sky as blue as the one in the photo seized my being. This was not just a cloud that resembled a hand, it was a mighty, well-formed, upturned, open palm and wrist, with distinct, separated fingers, as if holding something. God was speaking. "Moira, I've got it all in control."

It was time to "chillax" as my kids used to tell me. The lost bag was on a chair in my office. The Lord's surprise was waiting at the car dealership. There was only one person in the waiting area. The woman looked as if she might be trying to sleep. No wonder, she had been sitting there for over two hours. I grabbed a coffee, turned to her and confessed my mishap and my hope. She looked at me and said, "You're Moira, aren't you? I've sent you emails." I was glad to learn they were answered, and I remembered the one Susan said I had read aloud on 100 Huntley Street . Her car had numerous issues, and it was vital for her daily hour-long commute to work. There was more... In the short time we had together, I learned that my sister in Christ was carrying a heavy load. I asked if I could pray for her - it was a sanctuary of sorts. My "couple of minutes" was more like 25 - just the time we needed to be mutually encouraged. Our cars were ready at the same time! We were both given a spiritual tune-up that day, and a reminder that sometimes life's interruptions are God's appointments.

A card from Susan in the mail said,

"I did pray before you came along that God would send someone I could visit with... I was even fully asleep. What a surprise your fresh perspective was... a direct message from God. I was so encouraged that I wrote out a prayer letter to God. I have more faith... that God wants to use me and bless me. God is so good and sweet. I thanked Him in the parking lot! He's got you in the palm of His Hands!"

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God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
- James1:12 NLT
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