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What Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?

We are living in a world of emerging Christian leaders, a new generation of spokespeople who are talking about faith from an authentic and biblical worldview. Johnnie Moore is one of those leaders who has a new book, "What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life?". His new book aims to help millennials find the will of God in their life. Johnnie says, finding the will of God is easy, but it is one of the great and persistent questions in Christianity. The idea that this is a difficult question is actually one of the great lies from the pit of hell. He knows making a statement like that seems arrogant but it actually isn't if you read the Bible. The Bible says remarkably little about this phrase. In the New Testament the phrase is only used a couple of times, and the primary use is in the letter to the church at Thessalonica. Paul writes, "This is God's will that you sanctified"

It says nothing about what you do with your life, where you live none of that stuff. But when we as Christians talk about God's will it's almost always about, where we live, and what we do, what job we are going to have, the person we are going to marry - he thinks we have just made this way too hard. Johnnie recently made a change in his career path. For years he served at Liberty University as Vice-President and then an opportunity came for him to work with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey as Chief of Staff. Johnnie explains he was at Liberty for 13 years and it was a great time at Liberty and he was in the heart of it and then this change comes. People ask him if he applied what he teaches when he made this career choice, and he did. God had him spending many months dealing with this issue before he had to make one of the biggest decisions in his life. He writes about two main principles about God's will in the book and his story reflects both.

God will is more about who you are - then where you are or what you are doing

It is more about character, personality, giftedness then geography. You take YOU with YOU wherever you go. Sometimes you face a fork in the road of life. For him this job change was a decision he had to make. He doesn't think either choice was the wrong choice but he had an opportunity that God presented to him and he chose a path. What's it like for people who feel at war with the will of God? That's a hard place to be. But the war is actually being at war with yourself. We are always in this place where we want to do what we want. That self-interest is at the root of the problems we have in our lives and at the root of every great global problem. That is why we need to work on the who and it doesn't matter many times where you are or what you are doing because you will be a person that will bring light to the place you are in. Sometimes we need to stop worrying about God's will then and there and start worrying about it in the here and now. Johnnie writes in his book,

"We want to know how He has ordained the rest of our lives, every detail and every decision, but guess what? He is never going to give us those answers, because then we wouldn't need to walk in faith, we would either strut in arrogance knowing that the end goal of our lives and understanding the grandeur of the vision God intends us to carry out, or we would have lived disappointed and in bitterness because of the trials we would suffer and the obstacles we would face, If God told us everything, we wouldn't need God, so He doesn't, for our own good. "

That goes with the second principle of God's will.

You GO until He STOPS you - stop waiting for Him to tell you to GO!

Like a series of open doors, you have an open door and you walk through it - keep moving in the most logical direction. The apostle Paul. He preached in all these big cities in the time of Jesus - why did he go to all these big cities? What reason? They were on roads! There were people there and he was to preach the gospel. Occasionally, God appeared to him in the middle of the night, or a circumstance happened and said "don't go that way". You don't see Paul begging and pleading for God to send him a sign from Heaven to go this way or that way. He just went in the most logical direction. That takes more faith then if God were to drop a blinking sign from the sky. Johnnie writes about World War I hero Alvin C. York from East Tennessee and his life. We can learn from his life. You see a figure who in hindsight is custom designed for his responsibility in the world. You more often see the will of God through the rear view mirror than through the windshield. You see what God was preparing. God is preparing you and I. Maybe God has constructed your entire life. The good, the bad, your gifts, your passions all for a singular goal. The Apostle Paul was the least likely person to change the world-he is like Osama Bin Laden character, killing Christians and then all of a sudden God changes him. In fact he was the most likely person to change the world. Paul was the perfect combination of understanding Roman politics, Greek culture, and Jewish religion. He was custom fit for God's purpose for him and there is story after story like that in history. Where God was preparing us before we knew it, for something we didn't know until we saw it.

Johnnie shares that we need to, "get moving until God stops you". So many people expect God to show them what they are supposed to do with their life but the key is to just get moving! We pray, "God why won't you solve this problem?"

God is saying "I am solving the problem. I put this burden on your heart"

More often than not the will of God is moving in the most logical direction. It's not about waiting for God to show you what to do. You work on who you are and where your passions and your giftings mix just GET MOVING! God will stop you - He will open and close doors. Common sense plays a role in the will of God. God gave us a brain and He expects us to use it. God's will is logical not illogical.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

Keyword is plans - man plans his way and then God's coming alongside - making sure everything happens. God didn't go to all this effort to give us this brain and wisdom for us to just wait for Him to do everything for us.

Just GET MOVING and he is right there beside us.

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