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Why a Daily Reminder is Important / RANDY ALCORN WEB EXCLUSIVE

The things that are most important in our lives are the things that we need to keep at the forefront everyday - our families, our relationships with people - maybe our jobs - certainly they have an important role in our lives; but more than anything else, we should keep God at the forefront.  We need food and water daily, likewise, we need God's Word daily to be our sustenance. 

Randy wrote this book with quotes from scripture every day - even though a day is just a single page in the book, it has great quotes from people throughout church history but also serves as an opportunity to spend time in God's Word. 

We need to realize that we are really under attack. Satan is a liar. Jesus said in John 8:32 "He will know the truth and the truth will make you free."  He also had said that Satan is a liar from the beginning, when he lies - as the New International Version puts it - he speaks his native language, he's very good at lying to us so we need to be prepared, and the way to be prepared is to know the truth. If you know the truth, then you sense when a falsehood is being told to you.  He's articulate, he's smooth, he's the best liar in the universe and we need to realize that.

Jesus said "My sheep, listen to my voice" and He said "they will never follow a stranger, they'll flea from him because they don't recognize the strangers voice."  Well God's Word is His voice, it's His message to us and we need to focus on it so we know what to say in response to Satan's lies. We need to become familiar enough with God's Word that we will learn the very sound of the voice of Jesus, so we can tell the difference from the devil's impersonation.

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