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Why Does God Allow Suffering? / CAROL MCLEOD

God is a good God and He loves his children and He wants to do great things for us but the truth is we live in a fallen world. There is a perfect place and we are going to go there some day but right now we are in the war zone of planet earth.

Every believer has gone through a fire in life and Carol hopes to give believers a way to get through the fire and not smell like smoke. To find joy at the worst moments of their life.

To find a loving God in a hard situation we need to resort back to Gods character. We need to have a good theology of who God is when we go through a fire. We get that theology from the Bible. We see that He is loving and a good God. That is a gift to us no matter what our circumstances look like.

So many shake their fist at God when a tragedy strikes no matter where their faith stands. Even some who were atheists before, blame God.

So why is there so much suffering if God is good?

We live in a fallen world, this is not a perfect place. The perfect place will happen in Heaven. We live in a war zone.

We really do have an enemy and his name is Satan, the deceiver. He is the source for all bad. There is no darkness in God. He is all light. We are in a battle for light.

God gave us freedom of choice. God gave us that so we could choose to love him or not. In that choice when we choose not to love him, we choose compromise, we choose bad, we choose evil.

Sometimes our choices not only impact us but other people as well,

Drunk drivers drive.

People use guns against one another.

Pollution pollutes.

We live in the war zone and try to deal with those results of bad choices.

How does God bring good out of the bad situations? God is making us more like Jesus in these situations. We misinterpret this idea.

God can take the bad moments and when we snuggle up to His presence and choose to worship in the fire He can make that our finest hour. The struggles make you a different person and they let you know God in a different way.

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