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Why is There So Much Suffering?

It is a great question asked by so many for so long. If God is real - why is there so much suffering? Most people, when they ask that question, ask it towards their God. Johnnie Moore, author of Dirty God challenges that direction. He instead wonders if CHRISTIANS are real - why is there so much suffering? 

If God has bestowed his undeserved grace upon us, his children - why then, would we not pour that grace out to others as best we can. Why is there so much suffering - when the church could do so much more? "If you dropped an envelope on the desk of a single mom, anonymously, with a little bit of extra cash in it. Or you gave someone a second chance that really didn't deserve it. Or you helped someone who was in the desperate and most needy moment of their life, not because they deserved it or even because they asked for it but just because you know they needed it." How quickly would the world's suffering change over night - would every Christian take up this challenge. 

"Much of the non-Christian world, was once Christian." What happened?

We as Christians have the unique opportunity in history to try to right the ship. To try to change the world by taking the great grace we have been given and pouring that our to our neighbours. What would happen if a billion Christians too their chance to flood their streets with grace? We sat down with author, speaker and pastor, Mark Buchanan and he suggests that we need to know grace to change everything that we do.

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God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
- James1:12 NLT
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Dear God, sometimes my "testing" season seems so long. Please give me courage to endure until the end. Help me not to bail! You said you would bless me for hanging in there - I will not give up on you or your promises. You are with me and will see me through this trial.