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Why Trust the Bible?

The Bible stands at the heart of the Christian Faith, but it does lead to the inevitable question, why should we trust the Bible?

Pastor Greg Gilbert author of Why Trust the Bible believes that science has not been able to disprove the Bible.

"When you look at the Bible and its reliability what you are really asking is, as a historical matter, does this thing seem to be telling the truth? Are the people who wrote it reliable or are they trying to pull off a hoax? If you look at the Bible you find out very quickly that is not true. The people who wrote the Bible intended to be saying what the truth is, and they really believed it themselves and they want us to believe it too" explains Gilbert.

Gilbert sees it not as a mathematical certainty but historical certainty. When looking at history you are not looking at the kind of certainty that you can get with mathematics. In history that is not what you are looking for, what you are looking for is historical reliability. You are wanting to ask the questions, is this plausible? Are the people who wrote these documents seeming to be trying to tell the truth?  When you look at the Bible, you see that the stories are plausible in their own context, and the people who wrote the Bible really are trying to tell the truth.

How do we get to an intellectually rational decision or conclusion that the Bible really is the Word of God? The way you do that is to ask the question, did Jesus historically really, physically rise from the dead? If you come to the answer yes I think he really did, than everything sort of clicks into place, because if he raised from the dead, you better listen to him. One of the things that Jesus says is that the Old Testament is true, and he is going to authorize the New Testament.

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