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Winter Family Fun Day Activities

It's time for some winter fun. If your kids are getting a little weary of the long winter days, try some of these fun activities that will guarantee to bring laughter and make some fun family memories.

Feeding the Birds

During winter it can be hard for birds and small animals to find food. Make some fun bird food crafts to hang in your trees.

Orange Bird feeder

Scoop out a couple oranges (make some fresh-squeezed juice) and fill them will bird seed. If you have snow, pack some snow in there as well. Tie some ribbon through and hang them in the trees and watch the birds appear.

Cookie Cutter Birdseed Ornaments

Get some clear gelatin and follow instructions, mix in birdseed until thick and then scoop into cookie cutter shapes. Stick at straw in so that you can later pull a string through. Put them in the freezer for a couple hours, and then hang them in the trees.

Blizzard Bottles

Go through your recycling bin and get some empty clear bottles. Fill them up halfway with corn syrup, the other half with water. Add some glitter then seal up the bottle. Use duct tape or hot glue the lid so it won't come off. Start shaking and watch the blizzard in the bottles. Try making them in different sizes and use different glitter colors.

Frozen Snow Munch

Make this yummy snow much. Find the recipe here on Pinterest -

Add some blue sprinkles to make it look like ice!

Snow Dough

This is so fun and easy. Tear up a roll of toilet paper into small pieces. Take a bar of Ivory Soap and microwave it for 1 minute, then add the soap to the toilet paper. Add a little bit of water. Snow for all!

Have some great family fun this winter!

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