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62% of mothers say they are dissatisfied with the balance they have between work and home life.

72% of women say they have too much stress in their life.

More than half of all moms say they are over committed.

only 26% of women say they are "extremely satisfied with their life."

Why the Incarnation is a Sufficient Answer:

As a mother, pursuing all these things at once (a good marriage, motherhood, a career, friendship) limitation is the frustration. But the incarnation was God limiting himself. The incarnation: God who has all wisdom, opportunity and resources at his hand chose to come down and take on restraints and he chose to His own work in the world in the context of restraints

A Mother's Constraints:

Physical: exhaustion, pregnancy, nursing, not sleeping enough.

Time: circumstances, finances, relationships (friends, family).

God is asking us to live our lives for him in the context of constraint, in the context of limitations. We have to look to the gospel to find a better answer. The pressure of "having it all" whatever that consists of, part of that challenge is doing the harder work of asking the question of belonging rather than consuming. What are the things God is asking me to give myself to and to belong to rather than what are the things I should consume. Community, people around you, a spouse, friends are there to be able to keep you accountable.

What Are You Leaning Into?

The Lord wants our stewardship to be radical and full but not be the end of us. Stepping more fully into this mystery of the Lord inviting us uniquely as women, to step into the role of motherhood in particular and other gifts and skills and abilities, not that the burden would be crushing but that it would be light so that we would flourish rather than burn out.

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