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Writings and Signs of the End Times / JOEL ROSENBERG

New York Times best selling author Joel C. Rosenberg speaks with Joe Amaral about the accuracy of his fictional books during the time of 9/11 and how his latest books brought news of ISIS before they were making headlines around the world.

When reflecting on the start his writing career Joel states, "What if I wrote thrillers about worst case scenarios, things that might happen, and that probably would happen, if we don't have leaders that understand the threats that we face and take decisive action to protect us."

Joel explains how the fictional novels he wrote, had striking similarities to attacks that happened in the United States and around the world. He reflects on the novel he wrote. The Last Jihad, and how the first page puts the reader inside the cockpit, hijacked by radical Islamists, heading towards a city in the United States to attack.

"I wrote that nine months before September 11th" says Joel.

"The novel then leads to the United States launching a war to get rid of Saddam Hussain's regime in Iraq.

"I wasn't saying that was going to happen, I was saying these are the type of things that could happen, if we're not careful and we do not understand the threats," explains Joel

When the book was released, Joel found himself being invited to talk about his book, he also saw these interviews and talks as a way to share his faith. Joel is a Jewish man who believes in Jesus

With his latest book The Third Target, the novel focuses on Isis and their ability to capture chemical weapons and readying for a genocidal attack. A New York reporter hears this as a rumour, yet cannot publish it as a story unless he finds the rumour to be true. The novel follows the reporter on route Syria to seek the truth.

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