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'You and Me Forever' - New Book by Francis and Lisa Chan

"Sometimes couples can get so wrapped up on the things here that they are not focused on the Kingdom," says bestselling author Francis Chan in the promotional video of his new book that he had co-written with his wife, Lisa Chan.

This book, titled "You and Me Forever", is going to be your typical self-help marriage book. It looks into the bigger picture about marriage - marriage in the light of eternity.

According to an article from Eternity Bible College, You and Me Forever emphasize on how marriage fits within God's overarching plan, how marriage displays God's glory, and how marriage functions as a part of God's mission for us on earth.

The article continues to state that in every chapter, the bulk of the material is written from Francis' perspective (that is, the first person pronouns refer to Francis) and then Lisa adds a section to each chapter from her perspective

"We need to remember that we are on a mission. It's not about how satisfied or how happy are we with one another," stresses Lisa as she reminds people that we need to have an outward focus on marriage.

Francis and Lisa founded Cornerstone church in California back in 1994 and resigned in 2010 to pursue more of God and what God has called him to. He said his life, including how famous he has become in the Christian circle, no longer fit the Bible and he wanted to take time off to realign it with Scripture.

Francis took his whole family to China and India to experience what God is doing in Asia. He saw what it truly meant to be "all out" for Christ. People didn't just keep what they learned to themselves, but passed it on.*

Passing it on was what Francis did when he went back to America. He started home church group gatherings where they would study the bible and encourage to call each other between meetings to continue the bible discussions and pray with one another. They would meet for around 6 months to a year before multiplying the church into more churches.

In the usual "down-to-earth-Chan-fashion" Francis and Lisa have decided to self-publish this new book because they wanted to be able to give it away for free to everyone who needs it. They simply want the book to be used to God's glory at every level.

You and Me Forever will be out on August 26, 2014. Don't miss it!

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