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Your Donation is Helping Trafficked Children in Cambodia

Cheryl Weber was in Vancouver, covering the sentencing hearing of a Canadian man, Christopher Neil, who pled guilty to crimes of sexual interference involving young Cambodian boys. This was a rare case as not many Canadians face prosecution here in Canada for crimes committed in other countries.

For the past 2 years, Cheryl was not able to share details about the case due to a publication ban as they were in the midst of the trial. About 8 years ago, Interpol launched one of the biggest manhunt for a man who had swirled his face on pictures where he was abusing little Cambodian boys. They managed to un-swirl his face to reveal who he is and thus the search for him began.

This was a case that we at Crossroads have been involved in and our partner, Brian McConaghy (Founding Director of Ratanak International) has been gathering evidence as Christopher Neil actually committed the crimes in an area where we worked in in Cambodia.

Brian found the building where the crimes were committed and found one of the victims. Subsequently, he managed to arrange for an interview between the RCMP and the victim.

Christopher Neil pled guilty at his trial hearing as the evidence was overwhelming.

This was a day for justice for the victims. It helps to bring comfort to the victims knowing that the Canadian government is on their side, acknowledging that what happened to them was wrong.

But this story gets even more fascinating as Cheryl shares with us how your monthly giving helped bring redemption to a community and a building on the other side of the world.

The same location/building that brought about destruction and pain has now been transformed into a safe haven for the children now.

That is exactly what God does - He takes the ugliest parts and makes them beautiful.

This is what each and every one of you have done. Your donation has enabled us to help bring restoration and justice to the darkest places in the world. You are part of this incredible redemption strategy of what God is doing.

If you want to be part of this continuing story, join us!

Join us in changing real lives on the ground, real boys who are abused and real lives who have been destroyed!

Help us send a message to them that there are people who love and care about them.

CLICK HERE to be part of our team as a monthly partner!

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