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Shelly shares some of her new favourites for kids books! More
Winter is a great time to get some reading done. If it's a little too cold for you to head outside, grab a coffee and settle in with a good book. Today I have a couple great finds for you to add to your reading list. More
Shelly Calcagno speaks with Carey Nieuwhof about his book "Lasting Impact" which shares seven conversations that will help your church grow and have a lasting impact. More
Here is Shelly Calcagno with some easy advent ideas that will help you focus on the celebration of Jesus in this Christmas season! More
Thanksgiving is a perfect time to make memories with your family. Here are some treats that everyone will enjoy, so gather your family together for some kitchen fun! More
Have you ever made a masterpiece? For this family night all you need are some art supplies like a canvas, paintbrushes and paint for everyone in the family. Then, let everyone get creative. It's fun to see everyone's talents shine through. After, set More
I love resources that get kids reading and engaged in the word of God. It helps them grow in their faith, and learning about the Bible is so important as they develop and grow. More
We can always be learning more as parents, and today I have some resources to share with you that will help you on that journey. More
Create your own space at home where you can go to pray and spend time with God. It doesn't have to be elaborate, but just a few things can help you focus as you take time to prayer. More
Shelly Calcagno is joined by author and blogger Shauna Niequist to discuss the recipe contents of her latest book, a devotional titled "Savor". More
Back to School Lunch Tips and Ideas! More
Today Shelly Calcagno shares some ideas to get the back to school season started off right. More
Shelly Calcagno shares her picks for good Leadership Reads More
Shelly Calcagno shares her picks for Good Summer Reads. More
Tweens, that in between stage where you're not still a little kid, but you're not quite a teenager. Here are a few ideas that you can do with your tween girl to bond together and to have some fun. More
Shelly Calcagno and Maggie John share some fun summer craft ideas such as scripture chalkboard, fruit drinks and a marshmellow launcher. More
Summertime! Fun Time! Try out some of these activities with your family, you'll create some amazing memories and have some incredible fun. More
Summer has started and there is no better time to get creative and try some fun new ideas with your family. Here are some things you can do that will guarantee a great time for everyone! More
Here are some fun ideas that you can do that will keep your children occupied and having lots of fun making great summer memories! More
Shelly Calcagno shares a fun family activity More
Celebrate Father's Day this year by making something special for Dad that he will love. More
Shelly Calcagno shares some Father's Day gift tips for the Tech savvy Dad! More
Here are a few things that you can make to go along with the story. More
There are 1.2 billion children in the world, and those between the ages of 4 to 14 are the largest unreached people group today. More
Don't get stuck, reinvent your Mondays and love what you do. More
Shelly Calcagno and Joy Eggerichs share a few creative ideas to help you as you influence and invest in the younger generation around you! More
It's Mother's Day. The time when you can take some extra care to show Mom how special she is. More
A few months back I noticed a lot of buzz online about a new children's book called, God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner. I was so excited when I got my hands on a copy and I read each page with anticipation. I was not disappointed! More
Here are some fun ideas that you can do with your kids that will help create great memories this Easter season. More
Make your time around the table significant and an important part of everyone's day. More
Who doesn't love a picnic? How about a fun indoor family picnic? Get a blanket, a tray and some bowls. No ants, no bugs, you don't even need sunscreen. Let everyone choose a snack that they love to bring to the picnic. Find a place in the house that More
Shelly Calcagno shares with Moira Brown about some ways we can make Easter significant for our families. More
Crossroads' Family Ministry Director Shelly Calcagno shares a little faith game that one can play with your family! More
It's almost Spring Break all across the country. Kids are getting excited & parents are looking for creative ideas to make sure everyone is having a great time. Make some new memories this week and try some of these fun activities with your family More
Many of us are rushing through life, trying to make it through each day & we're often left feeling exhausted. But imagine if you made room in each day to pursue your passions and feed your creativity! More
Crossroads' Family Ministry Director Shelly Calcagno shares a DIY you can do with your family to show how thankful you are for everything God has done. More
Compass Point church gives people new furniture and support as new residents to Canada. More
It's time for some winter fun. If your kids are getting a little weary of the long winter days, try some of these fun activities that will guarantee to bring laughter and make some fun family memories. More
Instead of labeling our styles and creating a movement that points out what we are doing wrong, let's celebrate what we are doing right. More
Take some time this year to celebrate the ones around you that you love - get creative and make some wonderful memories! More
How do we prepare our girls to take a stand for purity and modesty in a culture that is trying to make them grow up too fast, and doesn't value their hearts? More
Try one of the following recipes and make your Superbowl party a success! More
He wants to do new things in us, but he wants to complete what he's begun. I don't want to just be a good starter. I want to finish well. More
Shelly Calcagno shares a few creative ideas of how we can serve others this Christmas! More
Sometimes the moments are overwhelming. Sometimes the moments are exhausting. Sometimes the moments frustrate us and make us want to pull out our hair. But we can find joy in the moment if we take time to look. More
Holly DeGraaf from Ten Thousand Villiages shows us how buying gifts for people in our life can be much more meaningful when those gifts are supporting artisans and their craft in developing nations. More
When it comes to bible reading and bible engagement, we seem to be losing the younger generations in this time and age. Don Miller from Canadian Bible Society offers a solution to that problem! More
It's the time of year again when children are getting excited, Christmas trees and decorations are being put up and those important wish lists are being finalized. This Christmas, Shelly Calcagno and Tanner Keith encourage you to take some time to de More
No matter the storms, no matter the questions, the insecurity, the doubt and no matter the pain, I am loved by my Father. I find my peace, my comfort, my assurance, my hope, my joy, my confidence, my rest and my future in his love. More
About Shelly Calcagno

Shelly has been involved in Children and Family Ministry for the past 17 years in the Niagara Region. She is passionate about family and the younger generation and seeing them engaged in and living out their faith. She studied at Brock University and Master's College and Seminary. Shelly also loves to create and write and has been involved in projects with Godrocks!, and The Salvation Army of Canada. She recently published her first children's book; Tini's Tangles and is a regular blogger for various ministries. Shelly is the Director of Family Ministry at Crossroads, influencing and creating content and resources for family and children.

Shelly and her husband Tav live in Beamsville, Ontario with their children Noah and Hannah. Shelly loves hanging out at the beach, writing, decorating and drinking coffee.