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TOPICS: Loneliness
Joe Amaral shares a story of how some people help with the issue of loneliness at Christmas. More
Stress and loneliness can be a common occurrence during the holiday season. But one way to overcome this - is through a unique program that involves "man's best friend". Cheryl Weber visits Port Perry Ontario and brings us this report of how Karen St More
J.Kevin Butcher shares Brian's story on the emptiness inside of him and how the love of the Father changed his life. More
J.Kevin Butcher shares Brian's story on the emptiness inside of him and how the love of the Father changed his life. More
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY. More
YouTuber Emily Wood Performs an Emotional Cover of Kari Jobe's "Here" More
Join Cheryl Weber, Dr Merry C. Lin and Colonel Tillsley as they discuss the risks of loneliness, not just to emotional well-being but also physical health. More
Ann Mainse shares with us how meeting the universal need of loneliness is one way in which we live out our faith. More
Moira sits down with Dr. David Jeremiah to discuss the fifth chapter ? 'Disconnection: The Fear of Being Alone' of his book, 'What Are You Afraid Of?' More
The most often repeated command in the bible is "Fear Not." "What Are You Afraid Of?" is a new series by Dr. David Jeremiah. In this episode, the fear of being alone is the main focus. More
Feeling like it's a winter month in your faith walk? Pastor and author Mark Buchanan will bring you hope and practical advise to carry you into spring. More
Understand your husband from a guy's perspective. Enhance the character growth and spiritual maturity of your husband by understanding the "wife's misconception" More
Moira Brown speaks with William Paul Young about his journey from cleaning toilets to becoming a bestselling author for "The Shack" and now "Crossroads" Wm. Paul Young-Author; Speaker Book: "Cross More
Moira Brown speaks with Connie Hale about her story of survival, the power of hope in the midst of sorrow, and life beyond the diagnosis of her son's schizophrenia, and her husbands cancer. Connie Ha More
In Ron's series for Christmas, he talks today about Rejection and how tough this time of year can be for some people. More
Ron speaks of the promises in Isaiah More
David Graham's book "They Ride White Horses" is a re-revelation of our inheritance as God's honored and beloved children and a road sign pointing the way to our return to ultimate significance, well- More
Ron's message: " I don't know where this ministry would be without the faithful support of so many seniors who pray for us and partner with us financially. And we're aware that many of these precious More
Karen Louise Author "My Lord & My God" Available in the e-store More
The Resolution For Women #1 - Surprisingly Satisfied. Priscilla talking about the Resolution for Women series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of The More
Winnipeg based musician Don Amero's CD The Long Way Home Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter Don Amero took home the 2011 West Coast Music Award for Best Aboriginal Recording of the Year for his album More
Moira Brown visits with Franklin Graham featuring Rev. Billy Graham's book "Nearing Home." More
Divine Friendship In Our Loneliness - Ron Mainse - Stay In Touch More
Moira Brown speaks with Eleanor Shepherd about how we can share faith more by listening to the people we come in contact with. Eleanor Shepherd Director of Philanthropy, Quebec and Atlantic Canada More
Ron Mainse speaks on how God vindicates the looted More
Ron Mainse talks about loneliness and the value of friendship. More
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