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Robbie Symons begins a new series on The Look of Love. More
Pastor Robbie Symons teaches on the value of forgiveness in our relationships with one another. More
In this teaching of love and marriage, Pastor Robbie Symons teaches out of Colossians 3:12. More
Robbie Symons continues on the theme of Love & Marriage, with this teaching focusing on the role of husbands. More
Robbie Symons sits down with Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman to kick off another week of great Bible teaching. This week's theme is Love & Marriage. More
Ron Mainse speaks of his Father's love for others, both in front of the cameras and behind the cameras. He shares a clip of his parents singing the song "Others" this past Father's Day. More
Maggie John and Greg Musselman offer some practical tips to love and understand your neighbours, particularly people who are recent immigrants to the country or refugees. More
Dr. Gary Chapman joins Moira Brown in the studio to chat about his book "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts." More
Author Meadow Rue Merrill joins Maggie John in the studio today to share her incredible story of adoption and hope, as chronicled in her book "Redeeming Ruth." More
Juno Nominated Jaylene Johnson performs "Lord of All." More
Magdalene John and Cheryl Weber discuss a Huffington Post article that shares proactive ways to fix common problems people have within their marriages. More
Robert Melnichuk speaks with Sheila Wray Gregoire who is a popular blogger, author and speaker. More
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman chat about the history behind Valentine's Day. More
Moira Brown speaks with her guest Donna Jean Legge about finding true love later in life through online dating. More
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman discuss an astronaut inspired suit that has been helping children who need physical therapy to walk. More
Ron & Ann Mainse of Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share some teaching points about having fun in your marriage. More
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to answer some questions about love and talk about Valentine's Day. More
Greg Musselman & Maggie John speak with Pastor Michael Thiessen about his book "Pursuing a First Class Marriage." More
Ron & Ann Mainse of Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share some teaching points regarding the detrimental effects that the enemy will try to evoke within your marriage. More
Ron & Ann Mainse of Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share a teaching on resolving conflict in marriage. More
Ron & Ann Mainse of Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share a teaching on listening to your spouse. More
Ron & Ann Mainse of Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share a teaching on forming good habits in marriage. More
Todd shares a teaching about discipline in love. More
Ron & Ann Mainse from Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries share about facing conflict in marriage. More
Magdalene John & Mike Sherbino speak about the importance of loving your neighbours even when it may be difficult. More
Moira speaks with Kendall and Tamara Schmitke on their adoption of their son, Donovan, from China. More
Cheryl speaks with Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs and George McEachern, former Executive Producer of 100 Huntley Street, on refugees in Canada. More
J. Kevin Butcher speaks about Romans 8:38 and its meaning to him. More
Dr. David Chadwick and his wife Marilyn Chadwick share ways to honour your spouse and have a great marriage. More
Shelly Calcagno shares a back to school blessing for your kids! More
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Exodus 7, and Exodus 7:5 is the key verse. More
Mama Maggie (Maggie Gobran) is the Founder of Stephen's Children. Her mission is to love the forgotten children of Egypt's garbage slums. She is meeting short-term & long-term needs of the impoverished families in Cairo's slums. More
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 7, and Mark 7:20 is the key verse. More
Marilynn Chadwick is the author of "Eight Great Ways to Honour Your Husband" More
Andrew Rankin shares his book "Do Love" which shares about following Jesus teaching to "Love one another as I have loved you." More
Holley Gerth is a best-selling author and certified life coach. Her newest book "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream" encourages everyone to find that God-Sized dream, regardless of the size, and pursue More
Cheryl chats Nicola Topsom on how used wedding dresses help Haitian women look beautiful. More
Fr. Richard HoLung chats with Maggie John about his ministry. More
Shaunti Feldhahn shares "For Men Only" - understanding the women in our lives. More
Marlene M. MacKenzie shares on her ministry to single adults seeking to honestly Plan & Prepare themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically for a whole and healthy relationship. More
Jesus Culture presents "Fierce" live/acoustic from their album, Let It Echo. More
Carol McLeod shares the importance of of being the one who brings your child the facts they need to know for life. More
The issue of sex trafficking has been in the news a lot lately. However, Cheryl Weber recently visited a small town in Ontario and discovered an extraordinary story of hope and redemption. More
Charles Mulli's story began in the abyss of pain and suffering brought about by inexorable poverty and abandonment. Yet, he turned everything around and became a successful businessman. Little did he know the surprise God has in plan for him... More
Dillon Burroughs shares about doing church among the homeless and how he is seeing lives changed. More
Nabeel Qureshi answers the question, "What is the difference between Islam and Muslims?" More
One of the quintessential Pop Rock Christian bands, Newsboys, talks about their new ablum, "Love Riot" as well as they role in the movie, "God's Not Dead 2". More
James Peter had a rough start in life which resulted in years of alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness and pain. But thankfully his story doesn't end there. Now a completely transformed man, he tells his story. More
Dave Carrol "Captain Kindness" is Community Pastor at Freedom House Church in Brantford, Ontario and Kindness Project Founder. He shares on The Kindness Project - Changing cities through multi-level, co-ordinated, intentional, strategic acts of KINDN More
Magdalene John chats with one of the quintessential Pop Rock Christian bands, Newsboys, as they release their new album, "Love Riot" today! More
John Hull expounds on Apostle Paul's teaching in 1 Corinthians 13:2 - "...but have not love, I am nothing" More
Melinda Estabrooks share her amazing adoption story from the Philippines and how she has helped her mother rebuild her home there to share Gods love More
John Hull shares on being rooted in God's love so that we can share that love. More
Registered Psychotherapist Tara Lalonde is here to talk to us about marriage. More
Paul & Janna Lafrance talk about the challenge to become one in marriage. More
John Hull speaks about what love really means. More
Valentine's Day is coming up this week, and it's a great time for us to intentionally show love to those around us. It doesn't all have to be about cupids and arrows, but also a great opportunity to share God's love in fun and meaningful ways. Tanner More
John Hull speaks on the grace we are all given by God. More
David & Barbara Carmichael share their stories of loss before finding love online. More
In his latest book "The Case for Grace", Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal experiential case for God, focusing on God's transforming work in the lives of men and women today. Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journ More
Michael Voll is Associate Pastor of North Pointe Community Church in Edmonton today he shares his book, "Sideswiped: Three Keys to a Fresh Start after Suffering a Broken Heart" More
If you don't believe in miracles this story might have you rethinking your stance on that. Cheryl Ettinger Neal is a Family Life Pastor at Glad Tidings Church here in Burlington but today she is here to tell us the miraculous story of how God blessed More
Brian Stiller shares about the current refugee crisis and what is being done. More
Lydia Elango & Elango Muthusamy share their story of an arranged marriage after meeting doing ministry in India. More
John and Lisa Bevere discuss their book "The Story of Marriage" More
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack More
Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky share their book "The Chase" More
When you were a child, you probably sang the favorite song "Jesus Loves Me." But have you ever actually taken this essential truth to heart? Moving beyond theology and academic discussions, Alex Early assures you that God's love is real, passionate, More
Janna Lafrance's novel is in many ways a reflection of her own journey with God, discovering more and more how deeply she is loved by Him. More
Over many years of interviewing guests with personal faith stories, Moira Brown frequently observed a tragic transference by those whose earthly Dads disappointed, deserted, or dealt harshly with them; as a result they expected the same from the Heav More
Is it a bad idea to marry a non-Christian? Author Gary Thomas answers this question from his book "A Lifelong Love" More
This is Marie's testimony, forged while moving through unthinkable circumstances, into the unfathomable love of the Father. More
Phil Callaway shares the lessons we can learn about life from our dogs. More
Do soul mates exist or are they developed? What is artificial intimacy? How do you live out a godly relationship? The Crossroads360 team continues their roundtable discussion on love, relationships and faith. More
Bestselling Author Stormie Omartian shares her latest book "Choose Love" More
Jubilee Project is excited to share "Blind Devotion", the second in a series of two short films about unconditional love, in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book "You and Me Forever". "You and Me Forever" was written by Franci More
Bestselling Author Stormie Omartian shares her latest book "Choose Love" We reflect God most clearly when we are motivated by the power of love in all we say and do. But first we have to understand the depth of God's love for us and receive it. Then More
So what do you do when you are married to someone who doesn't want the same thing out of a marriage as you do? Best-selling author, Gary Thomas, shares 3 simple attitudes for us to have in such situations. More
Moriah Peters saved her first kiss for the altar with her husband Joel Smallbone from 'for King & Country'. The couple captures their story in this beautiful song that reminds us love is worth the wait. More
Pastor Lee Jong-Rak is the creator of the Drop Box. His Drop Box is the first and only box in Korea that is for collecting abandoned babies who are physically or mentally handicapped or are just unwanted by their mothers. More
Bestselling Author Stormie Omartian shares her latest book "Choose Love" More
Moira Brown's husband, Richard Brown, has a challenging question out of Africa! More
What's your love language? And how does it play out in your relationships? Join a candid conversation with the Crossroads 360 team about love, dating, marriage, conflict and the powerful choice of choosing love in any situation you might be facing! More
Former Bachelor Sean Lowe shares his new book, "For the Right Reasons - America's Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First" More
With the festive season and Superbowl behind us, you may be feeling sluggish and down. Moira Brown gives us a warm hug as she reminds us of the everlasting loving-kindness of our Lord. More
Adults have counselors, friends, parents and books to seek for love advice. But, have you ever asked a kid? Kid's say the darnedest things, especially when it comes to love advice. We can be sure to get a simple, blunt and hilarious answers. More
Clay had this thing planned out like nobody's business. He knew he wanted to film a video looking back on their relationship to show her before he proposed. And when he picked up Lindsay and drove her to this spot, she had no idea what was about to h More
Do marriage vows seem to mean as much today as they used to? If you've heard anything about the increase in divorce rates, you may wonder. Bill & Glad are ignoring the trends. More than ever the vows they made 50 years ago are being tested. In sickn More
A short video clip that demonstrates one of God's promises to us - His Love, based on Jeremiah 31:3 More
Moira Brown's longing for God started at a young age as she recalled how He was tugging at the empty space in her heart when she was just a little girl. More
No matter the storms, no matter the questions, the insecurity, the doubt and no matter the pain, I am loved by my Father. I find my peace, my comfort, my assurance, my hope, my joy, my confidence, my rest and my future in his love. More
Many people are starting to feel the effects of winter with the dark gloomy days and the shivering cold. However, Moira Brown has some wise words to say: Seasons come... and go! More
What is the central issue in the family? The bible points to love and respect. Without love, a child reacts without respect and without respect, a parent reacts without love. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his daughter Joy Eggerichs attempt to provide too More
Marriage expert Gary Thomas discusses what happy couples have in common. More
Bestselling author Gary Thomas gives a reality check on marriage. Marriage is not something that you find. It is something that you make. More
Bestselling author Gary Thomas reveals the keys to achieving intimacy with our partner. More
Joy Eggerichs on the need for inter-generational counsel and wisdom. More
Joy sits down to talk about marriage and how our desire for marriage can sometimes replace our desire to know and love God. More
Joy Eggerichs talks about coming to terms with the concept of respect as laid out in Ephesians 5:33. More
Ian and Larissa Murphy joined 100 Huntley Street to share their story and talk about their book "Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn't Give Up" More
Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is an internationally known speaker and author on the topic of male-female relationships. Here he shares with us the two key ingredients to a successful marriage. More
"Lost for Words" is a story about how simple acts of Love can be the most powerful. More
In view of the turmoil in Ukraine, Iraq and Israel, Crossroads Global CEO John Hull encourages us to be the agent of Light in these times, carrying faith, hope and love to those who are hurting. More
Ukraine has been much in the news in recent months, and there are many images and stories of the unrest, violence and political turmoil. For a number of years, the country has been mired by corruption, mismanagement, and economic hardships. In times More
Ann encourages us to lean on God and trust in His goodness and love. More
This is the story about a couple dealing with traumatic brain injury and how they processed that injury through their faith as they learned about God's love and the meaning of marriage. More
Bible Teacher and Author Sheila Walsh shares an important truth about God's love. More
My God is alive. And there are times that I long for him and my heart cries out. For a LIVING God. One that interacts and is present in my life. Knowing me and walking with me when the path doesn't seem clear. One that leaves me flowers on my doorste More
Miss Bailey was Moira's kindergarten teacher, whose person framed her childhood and was the first consistent model of God's unconditional love in her life. More
Wendy Griffith, co-host of the 700 Club, shares her past heartache and experiences, defining what real love is and showing you how to through her new book, "You are a Prize to be Won". More
Jeremy Camp talks about how he needs the Bible for spiritual sustenance. More
Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew White, aka Vicar of Baghdad, sits down with Moira Brown to talk about forgiveness and love as keys in reconciliation. More
Ann Mainse looked into what is the cost of Love. More
Author and speaker, Steven K Scott, stresses on the importance of meditating on God's words every moment of your life. It is His word that brings life and truth. More
Ron and Moira continues with their heated conversation about the state of the church in Canada and its future together with Pastor Jamie Stewart, Pastor Zak Gariba and Pastor Connie Denbok. More
"You've got the ones I term the belly-achers," says Mike with a laugh. "Those are the hurting songs, which are way outnumbered by what came after that, the songs that say, 'We can't wait to worship God because we see even in tragedy, God, You are tri More
More than 100,000 children are orphans in Ukraine. Many of them grow up knowing their parents are still alive but are unable or unwilling to care for them. Crossroads Relief and Development has partnered with a local seminary to bring hope and joy in More
How will the world be like, if we all stopped for the one? Just once a day, for one person. A simple and powerful act of love that can be accomplished through each and every one of us. Something that Heidi Baker strives to do and to show God's love t More
It was especially difficult some years, being single on February 14th... More
Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman shares about the importance of partnership in changing your lifestyle. When there are people walking beside you, your chance of succeeding doubles! The power of a group of helping each other, getting healthy toge More
Award winning author Philip Yancey answers some difficult questions that people have when they are faced with tough times. More
Judy Brown, Moira's sister-in-law, sits down to discuss the importance of fellowshipping with those you love. More
We all need to turn our focus from our pain to God's love. Pastor Rick Warren teaches on this, based on Lamentations 3. More
Todd Bender has a deep passion and burden to seek out every kid in the country who is crying out to God for love, and let them know, God loves them! More
Have you ever wondered what it really means to let your light shine? Let Ann Mainse shed some light on this subject! More
Have you ever wondered why we say certain phrases, like "Have a nice day"? When reading God's Word we know that every word has meaning and there's not one phrase that's simply "nice". More
Dave Shelley focuses on "Kids as Victims of War & Poverty" More
Billy Graham preaches at Ottawa Crusade - 1998 More
Billy Graham preaches at San Diego Crusade - 1985 More
A life-lesson from one of our favourite childhood classics. More
Two events converging as one. Two distinct sides to one very necessary coin. Yes, the Man-child was born into the human family. But for that to happen, the God-Son had to be given. And He was. More
Tom Jackson performs his new song for the Philippines Typhoon Relief More
The Stewart family honour their late relative though "Emma's House" More
Christian author and motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo caused controversy with his latest speech at Richardson High School in Texas. More
Garry Kean shows how God uses aftermaths More
Pastor James MacDonald, speaking at a recent Christian leadership conference, said the Bible's central message is about Christian's love for each other. More
Ann Mainse shares with us how meeting the universal need of loneliness is one way in which we live out our faith. More
As photos of Pope Francis embracing and comforting a disfigured man suffering from a rare disease are being reposted and talked about by people around the world, a Jesuit priest has found parallels be More
Featured: Dr. David Jeremiah More
Splinter has some moves to help you remember that God's greatest gift is Love! More
God Rocks sings "Love Each Other", a song based on John 15:12-14 that says "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down More
Watch God Rocks as they sing "Lovin' You 'Round The Clock"! More
Beach Stones performs "Love Is", a song that is based on the famous verse on Love in the Bible - 1 Cor 13:4-7. More
Moira Brown speaks with Dr. Don Posterski about his book "Jesus on Justice" as he shares how we all need to live lives of compassion and conviction like Jesus did. Dr. Don Posterski-Researcher and Au More
Ann Mainse speaks with Emily Wierenga about the issue of body image in our society today. Emily Wierenga-Author-Artist Book: "Chasing Silhouettes" & "Mom in the Mirror" More
Gary Chapman-Author-Conference Speaker Book: "This I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Married" More
Hayley DiMarco is the author of 'The Fruitful Wife'. Here Hayley talks about the fruit of the spirit and how it plays a vital role in marriage and everyday relationships. More
Gary Chapman-Author-Conference Speaker Book: "This I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Married" More
Moira Brown speaks with Gary Thomas about his book "The Sacred Search" - In The Sacred Search, Gary Thomas challenges readers to think beyond finding a "soul mate" and to look for a "sole mate" - some More
Moira Brown speaks with Hayley DiMarco about her book "The Fruitful Wife" and how you can be the woman God is calling you to be - a woman who bears the fruit of the Spirit in your marriage and in the More
Don Amero-Award Winning Singer-Recording Artist CD: "Heart On My Sleeve" Don Amero is featured in the Canada Heart & Soul Documentary "Home & Native Land" More
Moira sits down with David Mainse as he shares reflections of the past. David Mainse-Founder & Former President of CCCI, Former Host "100 Huntley Street" Book: "This Far By Faith" More
In part one of this interview, Tony Nolan shares how his birth mother was an institutionalized, drug-addicted, prostitute; how he was adopted for $200 and abused by his father; how he tried to commit More
Joe Manafo is a filmmaker, church planter, and author of the book "...And We Will Become a Happy Ending". Joe talks about how we are called to give, loan, love and linger without expecting anything in More
Moira Brown speaks with Francis Chan about following God's leading for his ministry. Francis Chan-Best-selling author-founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California Book: Multiply More
Moira Brown speaks with Francis Chan about following God's leading for his ministry. Francis Chan-Best-selling author-founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California Book: Multiply More
Producers of The Bible Mini-Series, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey share how they met, fell in love and how this film series is a labour of their love. More
Kathy Cantelon shares how her husband shows love by giving her encouragement. More
Jim & Kathy Cantelon share how they deal with forgiveness in their marriage. More
Jim and Kathy Cantelon answers what it means to love. More
Jim Cantelon teaches how faithful acts of love build a strong life. More
Jerry Johnston, Ron Mainse and Ann Mainse speak with Melinda Estabrooks about the 2013 Full Circle women's conference this Weekend! Full Circle "Lead With Love" Women's Conference at the Crossroads C More
Sarah Tun talks about the Holy Spirit and God's unconditional love. Sarah Tun-Author, Speaker. Book: Free to Be More
Byron Yawn talks about how to avoid conflict with your son. Byron Yawn-Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church-Nashville, TN Book: "What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him" More
Byron Yawn talks about the importance in telling our kids that we love them. Byron Yawn-Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church-Nashville, TN Book: "What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him" More
Bill & Pam Farrel-Authors, "A Couple's Journey With God", Directors of Love-Wise. Book: "A Couple's Journey With God" More
Full Circle "Lead With Love" Women's Conference at the Crossroads Centre featuring KEVIN LEMAN and JOEL AUGE! February 8th, Friday :: 7pm - 10:00pm February 9th, Saturday :: 9:00am - 4:00pm Registr More
Ann shares with us how God moves beyond the paper to being personal More
Moira Brown speaks with Joel Johnson about his rough upbringing after his father left their family and how he found hope amongst fear. Joel Johnson-Author / Speaker, President of Joel Johnson Ministr More
Jason Clark is an Author / Singer / Songwriter and his book is called "Surrendered & Untamed." "Risk is grounded in trust, and they really don't work without each other. You can only risk to the exte More
Jason Clark is an Author / Singer / Songwriter and his book is called Surrendered & Untamed More
Colour Me challenges viewers to reexamine how they think about race. Anthony McLean runs a groundbreaking mentorship program for black teens in the most demographically changing Canadian city. More
Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is Founder & President --Love & Respect Ministries. He's the Author --"Love & Respect" "The Love & Respect Experience" Dr.Eggerichs is an internationally known public speaker on the to More
Music Video: "Baby" Performed by Ali Matthews & Rick Francis More
Dr. Eggerich is Founder & President --Love & Respect Ministries He's the Author --"Love & Respect" "The Love & Respect Experience" Dr.Eggerichs is an internationally known public speaker on the top More
Dr. Eggerich is Founder & President --Love & Respect Ministries He's the Author --"Love & Respect" "The Love & Respect Experience" Dr.Eggerichs is an internationally known public speaker on the top More
Tom Watson has an incredible life story to share, a story not unfamiliar to thousands of foster kids in the Canadian system. More
Marc Ross Singer / Songwriter Vancouver based vocal guitarist, Marc Ross will share from his debut CD entitled, "Blue Sky Behind." More
Ron explains: "Thanks for staying in touch with us; we take your comments and prayer requests to heart when you write, call or email us. One of our viewers was very transparent in an email, as she wr More
The 141 Commands of Christ Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur / Best-selling Author "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken" More
Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur / Best-selling Author "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken" Discover that the commands of Christ are simple and life changing. More
Ron tells us " We are very humbled by the number of people who call or write looking for prayer -- close to a thousand individuals every day -- and we truly count it a privilege to join with you in fa More
Interview with Babbie Mason, Recording Artist / Author Book Embraced by God More
You Love Me preformed by Babbie Mason More
Jim Cantelon sits down with Craig Macartney and uncovers his passion and maturity in Christ. More
Moira Brown speaks with Bill and Pam Farrel about their goal to build and make relationships better. Bill & Pam Farrel Authors - Director of Books: Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Lik More
Moira Brown speaks with Bill and Pam Farrel about their goal to build and make relationships better. Bill & Pam Farrel Authors - Director of Books: Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Lik More
Moira Brown speaks with Max Lucado about his book, 'Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater than We Imagine' Max Lucado - Author - Pastor - Oak Hills Church, TX More
Reggie Dabbs sits down with the Full Circle women to talk about his story from abandonment, foster care, and identity issues into becoming a successful musician with faithfulness to God. More
Christine Williams sits down to talk with Charlene Stinson, director of the program "Hungry for Life" and part of the Shekinah band from the beginning DVD: "Shekinah" More
Christine Williams sits down with Charlene Stinson - director of the program "Hungry for Life" and has been part of the Shekinah band from the beginning DVD: "Shekinah" More
Join pastor Andy Stanley as he traces grace through the Old and New Testament, observing God's grace at work in the lives of some of the best-and worst- characters. He also uses personal stories from More
In this segment of Stay in Touch, Ron talks about Feeling God's Love More
Winnipeg based musician Don Amero's CD The Long Way Home Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter Don Amero took home the 2011 West Coast Music Award for Best Aboriginal Recording of the Year for his album More
Karen Jimenez performs her song "Love is Alive" More
Tammy Trent's music video for her song entitled "At the Foot of the Cross" More
Fulfilling My Husband. Priscilla talking about the Resolution for Women series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of The Resolution for Women and she's More
Dr. Philip Carlson is an Author, Pastor, MD and the author of- "Love Written In Stone". More
Tony Campolo is a professor at Eastern University, and is the founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, an organization that develops schools and social programs in variou More
Moira Brown begins the first of her interviews with Neil Anderson Founder/ President Emeritus - Freedom in Christ Ministries. Author "The Bondage Breaker" & "The Bondage Breaker - The Next Step" More
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry: Fellowship of Christian Athletes More
Lorraine tells of her struggle through 12 miscarriages More
Anne Blackwell ; Singer, Songwriter ; CD: "Break Down The Walls" More
The Full Circle Ladies speak with Rick Johnson about how women can lift their men up to become better husbands. ; Rick Johnson ; Writer, Speaker ; Book: "The Man Whisperer" ; More
Greg Sczebel ; Singer, Songwriter ; CD: "Love & The Lack Thereof" ; More
Greg Sczebel ; Singer, Songwriter ; CD: "Love & The Lack Thereof" ; More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Harry and Echo VanderWal about their work helping the people of Swaziland. ; Harry and Echo VanderWal ; Founders -- The Luke Commission ; Medical Missionaries to Swazila More
Greg Boyd -- Jesus Brings Revolution More
The importance in all of our lives to have love from a Father and how we can have that love even with the absence of a Father. James and Denise Jordan Director: "Father Heart Ministries" More
Moira Brown speaks with Tom McQueen about the legacy he is leaving for his grandchildren through his book, "Letters to Ethan" ; Tom McQueen ; President-Legacy Nation USA, Author More
Moira Brown speaks with Elizabeth Adam about the joys of being a mother. "Mother love isn't something that we stir up for ourselves. It comes from God and so it doesn't just benefit the child, it ben More
Moira Brown speaks with Eleanor Shepherd about how we can share faith more by listening to the people we come in contact with. Eleanor Shepherd Director of Philanthropy, Quebec and Atlantic Canada More
Produced By: Denise Lodde ; Last year, "100 Huntley Street" went looking for 3 brave couples willing to put their marriages under the lens. For 40 days, they chatted and posted videos chronicling 40 More
Ron Mainse speaks with Bob and Joel Kilpatrick about their book, "The Art of Being You" Bob Kilpatrick Author, Musician Joel Kilpatrick Author, Journalist More
Moira Brown speaks with Larry & Judy Shoop about Larry's book, "Does God Smile?" Larry Shoop Author More
The Full Circle Ladies talk about the ins and outs of singleness More
Lisa Cheong works in the financial investment industry in order to be able to invest in the lives of sexually exploited girls in Cambodia. More
Guy Penrod Recording Artist More
Kevin LeVar, Recording Artist sings and plays piano More
No Mercy is a sweeping adventure of life, love, trust, and desire-an odyssey asserting that real life is more than meets the eye. Hank Henderson thought he was going on vacation to Montana, but his br More
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