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Carol Kornacki is trying to reach out to countless people with Jesus Christ's life-changing message through her personal testimony of a life of abuse, brokenness, mental illness, teenage pregnancy, and drug addiction. More
Maggie Baratto shares her personal story of being a teenage runaway and having an unplanned pregnancy with an abusive man and her journey through 2 more unplanned pregnancies. More
A group of moms discuss support for unplanned pregnancies. More
Overnight she found herself as a widow of two preschool boys. Tricia Lott Williford, author of "Let's Pretend We're Normal" knows that when the bottom falls out of your world, you lose all control and power. More
Think you might be pregnant but don't know where to turn? More
Losing 6,000 mothers every year in childbirth, Uganda has suffered a devastatingly high rate of maternal mortality. But changing those statistics IS possible. More
Bible teacher Lorie Hartshorn reiterate that Jesus is with us through our parenting journey. More
When you have laundry to do, meals to cook, kids to clean, counters to dress - wait, that's not right. Well, mom, you're busy - you know it, your children know it, and your partner knows it. More
The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton-American Professor, Diplomat, Author, Businessman & Philanthropist-Author Book: "Be A Better Dad Today" More
Ron Mainse speaks to Michael Pinball Clemons about, The Argonauts 2012 Grey Cup win, his prediction for the 2013 Super Bowl, and how many players are using their platform to glorify God. Michael "Pin More
Produced By: Meagan Kelly For families in crisis Christmas can be a difficult time of year. Kids Kottage is a crisis nursery in Edmonton that gives parents a chance to breathe during difficult times. More
Two years ago Marion Cozens transformed her newly renovated, 6-bedroom house into a maternity home for homeless, pregnant women and their children. W.I.N.G.S Maternity Home takes in 4 women at time b More
Eve Nakabembe, M.D Jean Chamberlain, M.D Save the Mothers Save the Mothers is an international organization committed to partnerships that promote the health and dignity of mothers and children in More
The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton Author, Professor, Diplomat, Businessman & Philanthropist. Book, "Be A Better Dad Today" 10 powerful, practical tools to help men be better fathers and husbands Che More
In this segment of Stay in Touch Ron talks about the Unsung Heroes...Single Parents. More
Produced By: Magdalene John Rhema Christian Ministries women's group pampers a group of single moms with a wonderful day at a local spa. FEATURED IN REPORT: Judith Meikle-Organizer-Project Beautifu More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Todd Bender Founder and Executive Director of City Kidz. Helping kids in the inner city find love and community. Todd Bender More
Produced By: Natalie Faith ; Natalie Faith explores the latest "dumpster baby" story that unfolded in Calgary as well as an alternative for these desperate young mothers. ; FEATURED IN REPORT: ; More
Ron Mainse speaks with James and Denise Jordan about the importance in all of our lives to have love from a Father and how we can have that love even with the absence of a Father. More
Ron Mainse speaks with James and Denise Jordan about the importance in all of our lives to have love from a Father and how we can have that love even with the absence of a Father. More
The Full Circle Ladies talk to Carolyn Castleberry about how we all need to look at our personal time management. Carolyn Castleberry Telly Award Winning Anchor, Best Selling Author Founder, Faith Sol More
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