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Canadian marathon runner Krista DuChene placed 35th on Sunday August 14th at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic games. DuChene ran 42 Kilometers before crossing the finish line with a time of More
As we approached THE STAIRS one guy was just taking his last step when he exclaimed "I'm going to throw up!" You would think this would be a sign that I should just hop back in my car and drive back home but nope, I didn't!! More
Shelley-Ann Brown knows a lot about working hard and staying focussed on the task at hand, last year she took home a silver medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. And as reporter Magdalene John found More
Moira Brown speaks with Olympic runner Silvia Ruegger about her Olympic past, the death of a dream and how she found purpose out of that. Silvia Ruegger - National Director of Start2Finish, Running a More
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