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TOPICS: Finance - Philanthropic / Charitable Giving
Cheryl Weber explains how you can get your copy of the limited edition keepsake "One Dominion" for a ministry gift of $150 or more to help us meet our goal of raising $40,000 today. More
Cheryl Weber, Greg Musselman & Maggie John open today's show in celebration for 100 Huntley Street's 40th anniversary and share a goal to help keep the ministry strong. More
Lorna Dueck speaks about the financial needs at Crossroads. Would you partner with us to keep the ministry strong? More
Today at Crossroads we celebrate Cheryl Weber's Birthday! More
Joo-Meng and Rosanna Soh made National headlines because of their counter-cultural decision they decided to make by downsizing their life so they could give away more. More
Lorna Dueck shares a special message to thank those who helped us reach a very important goal. More
CEO Lorna Dueck shares an urgent need with our 100 Huntley Street viewers. More
Lorna Dueck shares an urgent message about the financial need at Crossroads. More
Sam Welten is the Executive Director of Possibilities International, which is a Christian humanitarian organization that helps look after the simple dreams of those less fortunate around the world. He shares incredible stories of how generosity has More
Kathy Blakely is organizer of The Big Give. The Big Give - June 3, 2017 - is brought to you by volunteers who passionately believe that kindness and generosity are an integral part of our Christian Faith. "Every year, we mobilize churches and minis More
Magdalene John & Mike Sherbino discuss how a 24 year old college student made a commitment to God to pay off his grandparents' home. More
Cheryl speaks with Steve Carleton & Bill Prankard about the suicide crisis in the North. More
Moira speaks about the need for donations to support the Arctic Hope Project. More
Joe, Maggie and Cheryl, discuss the Purpose Hotel in Nashville, where staying there helps charities across the world. More
Maggie and Joe talk with Cheryl Weber on the upcoming Ride for Refuge event happening October 1st, and how you can be a part of it. More
Eugene Cho is leading people in the charge to fight extreme poverty through "One Day's Wages" More
Cheryl Weber share the details on her participation in the Ride For Refuge Event. More
Find out how you can support the ministry of Crossroads! More
Moira Brown speaks about the impact that Crossroads has had on people across the nation. More
Joe Amaral talks about the need for your support. More
We are truly excited and happy at the response and love we have been getting all across the beautiful nation of Canada. Thank you! More
Cheryl Weber shares how you can become a member of Crossroads and help keep 100 Huntley Street going strong. More
Moira Brown explains why you should be a member of 100 Huntley Street. More
Cheryl, Joe and Lorna, share how you can help 100 Huntley Street reach 150,000 goal by Friday. More
Cheryl talks about Crossroads' need for support from our viewers. More
John Hull teaches on why we all need prayer and why wee need to go to God in prayer. More
Joe Amaral is at the pledge lines explaining the reasons why viewers need to stand with 100 Huntley Street. More
Joe explains how you can support Crossroads! More
Joe Amaral speaks about the book of Matthew and the correlation to the financial needs of Crossroads. More
Rob Melnichuk shares how you can become a member with Crossroads. More
Cheryl Weber reports on Ukrainian Orphans and how Crossroads Relief and Development is providing help. More
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda. More
Michael 'Pinball' Clemons is the Co-Founder of the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation. Their mission is to Empower Youth and Inspire Dreams. That is exactly what Pinball is all about - giving back to the society. More
Joe Amaral shares a teaching on giving. More
Magdalene John speaks with Manager of the Prayer Lines Gloria Willoughby about the impact of our prayer lines. More
Joe Amaral shares a teaching on giving. More
Joshua Brake shares Kutoa - a public foundation dedicated to helping others through various projects such as protecting the vulnerable, promoting the Education of Girls, Escaping Slavery, and defending the Oppressed. More
Peter Greer is President and CEO of HOPE International, a global nonprofit organization focused on alleviating both physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microfinancing More
Dr. John Hull emphasizes on the importance of prayer here at Crossroads' Ministry. Your financial gift will be able to help us keep this crucial ministry strong. More
Crossroads Global CEO Dr. John Hull shares the vision of Crossroads. This is a week about us being big picture people, doing big things together. More
Baby Step 7: Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover brings you through 7 baby steps. Once you've gone through paying your debts, dealing with your savings, and paying off your house, you are now ready for Baby Step #7: Build Wealth and Give" More
Producer Cheryl Weber shares about Ride for Refuge 2013 and the success of the entire day raising over $8,000 for Crossroads Relief and Development to help the sexually exploited children, orphans, th More
Cheryl Weber sits down with Magdalene John, reporter for 100 Huntley Street to talk about her missions trip to Haiti and how God had pulled her out of her comfort zone. More
Mindy Tweedle stopped by Cardinal Newman Secondary School in Hamilton where over 300 students and staff participated in "Inside Ride" to help their community. This year's ride was dedicated to student More
Moira talks with Cheryl about Crossroads Missions newest project Streams in the Desert, helping those sustain themselves in the Turkana region of Kenya. More
PRODUCED BY: Bridget Antwi In the easternmost tip of the continent of Africa, millions of people are facing what the United Nations has called one of the worst hunger emergencies in a generation. Ta More
The Full Circle ladies talk about their involvement in a cycling fundraiser that helps raise money for girls in crisis. More
Ron and Ann Mainse speak with Meagan Kelly about her report and documentary "The Gift of Grace" More
Produced By: Denise Lodde A profile of Zoe Alliance -- a social enterprise linking the corporate gift and promotional sector to handcrafted products from developing world markets. FEATURED IN REPORT More
Arvid Loewen is a 54 year old grandfather from Winnipeg who has a passionate desire to help the children from the Mully Children's Family Homes. Melissa McEachern myVu Citizen Journalism coordinator w More
Dana Watts reports on the trends in charitable giving in Canada - she talks with Rev. Alan Craig-Founder and Director of Living Rock at the Soupfest fundraiser, Owen Charters-CEO of CanadaHelps, Ia More
Moira Brown looks back on our time spent with Dave Donaldson, about the death of his father when he was a child and how he learned God was a Father to the Fatherless through His people. During Fall 'G More
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